Singer SVG, Your Family Company...


About Us

Where We Started

C. D. Veira Ltd / Singer started in 1956 by Cyril D. Veira, who at the time was selling and offering sewing machines on hire purchase. Cyril was then able to grow the company from sewing machines to offering the same services to refrigerators, freezers and gas cookers. Since then, we have been able to expand our product line to feature almost every household appliance and furniture fitting for every room with prices to fit every budget.

What We Do

The family owned and operated company’s main branch stands on the corner of Halifax and Egmont Streets in Kingstown and operates its warehouses from Block 2000, Old Montrose. The small Family Owned and operated business allows customers to make cash purchases or make monthly payments on items. We offer free delivery island-wide and daily discounts making our prices most competitive. Most of our products are 220 volts which makes them perfect for Vincentian households. We stock parts only for the appliances that we carry which gives another reason to shop with us!

Our Plans for the future

Our plan is to continue to serve St. Vincent and the Grenadines with quality products at the most affordable prices. With an easy and hassle free hire purchase system, we intend to continue to give customers the option of low monthly installments with the first payment being their first month payment. Our intention is to continue to evolve the company to keep up with changing trends and times ensuring that the appliances that we carry are modern, energy saving and chic.